Best Applications for Android Devices of the Decade

Best Applications for Android Devices of the Decade


Games have always been one of the most popular types of mobile applications. So much so that they are compared separately to the decade-long applications for smartphones, as you can see in this article.

So, it was time to find out which were the most downloaded and more profitable applications launched after 2010. Let’s say social networks and messaging applications are bigger than the list. On the other hand, the list of best applications of the past decade for smartphones came as no surprise.


It is the second most downloaded chat app of the past decade, according to App Annie, which provided the list of applications of the decade. As mentioned earlier, the app is the best choice in many countries, even if you generally miss the Facebook messenger. However, the dispute is “at home” since WhatsApp is part of the Facebook group.

Despite not having a conversation, many entrepreneurs use a courier to respond online and to make sales. It is worth remembering, however, that WhatsApp Business was not considered when counting the best applications of the decade.

UC Browser

UC Browser is the best Internet browser of the decade without any doubt. This amazing browser is widely spread all over the world, especially in the Asian countries because of its smoothness and fast internet browsing experience. Its internet speed boosting feature lets its users to surf and stream at high quality with less data consumption.

Despite of being the best browser of decade for android, its mini version UC Mini browser is also gaining much respect and fame among the users as it has all the features of UC Browser just the different is in the size.


Vidmate is the application that is not available on the internet but still it has managed to make its place in this list. Vidmate is used to download the videos from social media and video hosting networks at high quality. The user gets the option to choose the video quality in which he wants to download the video. Its ability to take access of any website or social media network makes it easy to download the video to your smartphone.

The user doesn’t need to do anything just copy the link of the webpage where the video is available and place that link in the search bar of the Vidmate app download and that’s it. You will get the download button on the front of your smartphone screen.


Despite its emergence at the end of the decade, the application formerly known as was surprising. Developed in China as an alternative to Instagram stories, the app enabled users to publish videos featuring the voices of their favorite songs.

Like Snapchat, TikTok is a young audience metaphorically sticking to and is the biggest commitment today. In addition, the application does not appear to expire soon. Although its meteoric success may seem, the application has been successful for several years in the market. That is why it is on the list of top performers of the decade.