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The core of making good business decisions in an organization hangs on some core production factors which are “what to produce, how to produce,  when to produce and whom to produce for” ,properly managing this factors will tend to bring an increase in profit and establish a sustainable growth. The act of parenting is a very important business which can never be over emphasized, implementing this factors is highly essential to the growth and success of a child especially when planning for upcoming events and parties.

In the process of planning a successful kid’s party for your child, there are so many factors to be considered. It should be noted that the preparations for kids parties like a child’s birthday party presents stressful logistics as kids parties rank only second to wedding parties based on its precision of materials and events. The first thing to think of while planning is to perfectly understand the kid’s tolerance level of how many little guests he/she will comfortable handle. Everyone indeed has a different tolerance which will in turn dictate the level of preparation to be made. It is also necessary to invite children of the same age to kids parties because they feel more comfortable together with very like minds and will play along with any type of celebration given to them; so long they have a guide to display a level of normalcy in what they are engaged in.

When having a child’s party, a birthday party for instance, the purpose of this should never be neglected as you continually adjust the turn of events in favour of whatever you think your child can handle and appreciate (it’s his/her birthday not a Christmas party) . So many parties later turn out into a fiasco as enough considerations weren’t made during planning, the grown – ups and other relatives being invited should always be considered for separate mini parties. Each celebration needs different things like having grown – up food served and not just cakes and candies as would stir the children’s fancy, a few hours to talk would also be well appreciated but in the case of a party with same aged children, the tempo of fun should be at its peak.


The child’s preparation for the party should be properly made in order to prevent some mishaps or his/her swing in mood especially being the center of attraction in the party. This type of preparation depends on the age of the child as age tends to spell out the level of development, a 1 – 2 year old child is easily stressed in prolonged gatherings, 3 – 4 years is always filled with high anticipation and expectation so you should have a nice and acceptable chat before the celebration. As a parent or guardian, you must also have a good knowledge of his/her special attachment to some toys, these should be hidden away as different children might want to play with them resulting in disputes which will definitely jeopardize the purpose of their invitation from the child’s view.

The content of this article is to be considered as opinion only so it’s advised to also consult professionals for more insight regarding the health and safety of organizing an event.

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