Few Short Lines on Botox Treatment

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Few Short Lines on Botox Treatment


Botox treatment has become highly popular in vanishing common old age symptoms like fine lines and wrinkles on face. The fluid injected is a pure form of botulinum toxin. This therapeutic agent is prepared in laboratory deriving from bacteria known as Clostridium Botulinum. The doses of it are given in quite a tiny proportion for fading off wrinkles by blocking the nerves responsible for contracting the muscles.

Few Short Lines on Botox Treatment

What exactly is Botox treatment?

Botox injections temporarily paralyze the muscles to reduce the formation of wrinkles on face. The other medical issues like migraine, issues of bladder and bowel movements, muscle contractures and even issues of cervical dystonia can be treated successfully. This kind of therapeutic protein treatment works by breaking the link between nerves and muscle cells. The muscles cells injected are unable to contract thus there is reduce in facial wrinkles and fine lines.

What kind of procedure is followed by dermatologist for Botox treatment?

Usually the tiny proportions of doses are dissolved in salt water. Then the solution is injected in the neuromuscular tissue needed to be treated. The number of injections depends upon the areas needed to be treated. You don’t have to often come for sittings like in dentist clinic as in single sitting the whole treatment gets completed. Moreover there is no recovery time hence you can continue to do your daily activities as soon as you come out of the clinic. There may be redness or swelling on the spots for few hours that can be easily concealed by makeup.

While the treatment starts the facial spots to be treated is made numb. Then the Botulinum medication is injected on the spots needed to be treated. The number of injections may vary in accordance to the requirement of the whole process to be done effectively and successfully. The minimum time to complete the whole process is only ten minutes.

The expectations of the dermatologist from their patient:

  • Before the treatment process begins you need to remove all the makeup and fully clean the area of the face to be treated.
  • Before the appointment for the treatment avoid taking medicines like aspirin as they may cause blood thinning leading to formation of bruises. Bruises formation may lead to discomfort as the doctor will try to inject a numbing injection before the treatment. They may even subject the area of the sensitive skin to be treated under direct freezing air for few seconds. Some dermatologist applies cream an hour before the treatment starts to avoid bruises and swelling of skin.
  • After the whole process finishes, never try to rub or massage the place subjected to have the Botox injections. It is because there may be chances of Botox liquid to spread in other places of the face.

You can know the positive difference in your face in few days of treatment. The effects of the treatment last for six months to a year as per the treatment and the way you maintain your general health. For not experiencing drastic heath issues of Botox treatment make sure to choose the best place to get Botox injections.

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