From Drab to Fab: Interior Design Makeovers

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Interior Design


Are you pissed off by seeing your house with the same dull and uninspired interior? If that is the case then this is the right time to update the space into much needed makeover.

With the help of interior design in UAE, you can easily transform a simple refresh into a completely inspiring one. You will see a drab to fab with the magical touch of the skilled designer in no time.

There are endless possibilities for makeovers such as from elegant and traditional to modern and all trendy with so many design options available. All you need to do is create a space that deals with your style and personality enhancing the comfort and functionality of the overall house.

Let’s check out what basic understanding of interior design is needed and what necessary factors should be considered to design the interior space of your house.

Understanding the Basics of Interior Design

  1. Making Room Sense:The most important thing to understand is that how things can flow and fit perfectly. Therefore having a clear understanding and awareness about the size of the rooms are very important. Just feel moving the furniture which feels just right which makes all the good balance and senses as well. Everything in there works very well with proper sync.
  2. Colors that Click:When it comes to deciding on the colors it’s not only about how good it looks. But it’s about how to pick the right color that works together like a good team. This is similar to making a mood with colors which makes the room feel lively, calm, and cozy all the time. So you can make the space feel and look just the way you need by using the right colors in the right place.
  3. Furniture Puzzle:You need your furniture to look good and practical. It requires finding the perfect spot for your furniture which allows the people in the house to move easily. Make sure the room looks like the way you planned. All you need to do is make sure to fit together all the pieces as they belong.
  4. Textures Mix:Try using different things in the room such as smooth tables, soft cushions, and other cozy rugs. That is what textures are about. If you want to add a special touch to a space you need to mix the texture. All you need to do is combine the materials that feel good and creative. It should make the room more interesting to the eyes.

Factors to Consider in Designing an Interior Space

  1. Functionality:The first and most important factor to consider is functionality when it comes to designing the space. Make sure to fit the design perfectly for the space. Many activities take place during this process such as cooking in the kitchen, relaxing in the living room, and working in the office as well. So you need to make sure that the design supports all these functions effectively. For example – make sure to have a layout that enables movement between the different areas efficiently like in the kitchen.
  2. Lighting Balance:Another important element in the interior design is balancing the lightning. So for achieving the right lightning balance you need to make sure to find the right mix of artificial light and natural light. It is akin to making the atmosphere suit the room perfectly. For example- think of a kitchen with well-lit for practical tasks and soft light in the bedroom for a cozy environment. To make sure that the space is functional and inviting you need to balance the light which allows for optimal visibility without being too harsh.
  3. Flow and Movement:In addition to that you need to think about the movement and flow within the space. For this, you need to think about the arrangements and the layout of the furniture to make a seamless transition from one area to another area. Think of a room where people can move easily such as from the dining area to the sitting area. For a user-friendly environment and a conformable area, you need to make sure of efficient movement and flow. This gives you a harmonious arrangement and prevents obstacles.
  4. Budget Friendliness:When it comes to designing and decorating the space one does not have to break the bank. All you need to be is mindful of the budget while creating a visually appealing and functional area. This functional environment gives you smart choices in materials such as the décor, furniture, and so on. For example – going for the best cost-effective yet durable materials. You can also repurpose the existing furniture that makes sure about achieving the right design without exceeding the overall budget. To make sure that the design is under the budget and the space is aesthetically pleasing and economically sensible.
  5. Aesthetic Appeal:The visual attractiveness of the space looks more aesthetic and appealing. The important thing here is to choose the right patterns, colors, and designs that make a pleasing and harmonious overall look. Another thing to consider is the overall style such as whether classic, modern eclectic, and so on. In addition to that the aesthetic decision contributes to the overall beauty of the space such as by choosing the right cohesive color palette or incorporating it into the decorative elements as well. All these things make the visually appealing and reflective of the style you need.


To wrap it up, from drab to fab the residential interior design in UAE has changed a lot. The homes are transformed into inviting spaces and stunning looks with the help of the right creativity and expertise.

While showcasing the right blend of traditional and modern styles the interior makeovers in the region have set the bar so high. There I no limit to the potential of residential interior design UAE from compact apartments to luxurious villas.

So look for talented designers if you want to do a makeover for your house from a dull and uninspired space to an inspiring and elegant space with the right color pattern and perfectly arranged furniture in overall spaces.