Harley Reagan On How To Conquer The Soul and Win In Life

Harley Reagan On How To Conquer The Soul and Win In Life


When it comes to life, you will find that there are several challenges that you face. These challenges often come from inside you and they become obstacles to your development and evolution as a soul. When you are looking for the best in you, it is very important for you to introspect and look inside you. This requires silence and soul searching. When you are able to do this soul searching, you effectively are able to identify the vices that lie deep within you. It is here that you need to wake up and fight!

Harley Reagan On How To Conquer The Soul and Win In Life

Harley Reagan- The secret to embrace change

Harley Reagan was the founder of The Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society – a healing group that help people across the world to live blissful and meaningful lives. This Group is known for the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path that is a spiritual path that gives its members lessons, ceremonies and the tools for the support of maturity and the evolution of the soul. When it comes to mankind, this Group says that he has both vices and virtues. Often he is dominated by these vices and he is unable to break free from patterns that are actually reducing the scope for him to evolve as a blissful and happy individual.

Conquer change and enjoy happiness in your life

The Group says that change is the only constant factor and force in life. When you are resistant to change you face the hassles of misery and suffering. There are things that you are unwilling to let go and this brings the onset of misery and immense suffering in your life. Often you are drawn away from your natural self and this brings in a lot of sorrow.

Step closer to your natural self and being

The Group says that it is important for you to embrace change with open arms. In fact, embracing change is exactly life dying every day. Remember when you die you are born again. You become a free and new person. Change helps you to get that freedom from old habits that are negative. At the same time, it is important for you to come back to your natural true self that is your soul. This will help you regain the happiness and the bliss in life that you have been missing all this while. The moment you are able to conquer change, you will find that the doors of happiness tend to open again and this gives you the peace and bliss that you are looking for.

Harley Reaganand his Group have helped thousands across the globe and this is why he is fondly remembered till this day. Moreover, the ceremonies and the teachings of the Group are very simple. They give you courage to conquer vices and come back to your natural self- the same self that you were born with. This helps you in a large way to get the bliss and the happiness that you always wanted for a meaningful and happy life!

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