Hello Neighbor: Getting through Act 1 Basement Guide



Every gamer has its objective of making progress every time a game is being played, and it should be effective progress, to begin with. Games like Hello Neighbor can be frustrating sometimes, often intimidating as it forces players to solve puzzles and develop a strategy to continue playing.  Hours of hiding in closets, picking various objects and breaking a window in Hello Neighbor’s Act 1 segment without any success can be disappointing. And so to save you from the stumped you’re feeling, this article will help you to get past through the basement and figure out how to proceed past all those irritating locked doors.

Note however that this article will only provide the most simple route you can take to solve the main puzzles, it will not dwell into the different secrets for every achievement. If you intend to enjoy the full experience of the game, you can try these out for free in hello neighbor free and explore the house rather than going directly to the basement.

Basic Controls

For beginners, there is key basic control that you should remember. Keep in mind that you can have a maximum of four items in your inventory at once, every time you pick up old items it will disappear and goes to the previous inventory slots. The basic control involves picking the object and throwing it. Press and hold button E to pick up your desired object, then wait for the reticle to become a larger circle and hold the right mouse button to aim and release to throw. Hold the right button longer for you to have a longer throw, immediate-release won’t break windows.

Hello Neighbor Act 1 Basement Guide

  • After going down the stairs, look for an old washing machine. After locating, open it up to reveal a secret passage into the next area. You will discover a fake world after opening the door. That world is designed to fool someone, don’t get tricked.
  • In the fake room, check the paintings and locate a particular painting in an open window. If you manage to locate it, you can pull it off to exit the fake room stage and enter the rest of the basement. Make sure to be keen on the objects in your surroundings, it can easily trick you.
  • If you can find a wall breaker, flip the nearby wall switch to open the grating to another room and enter another large area you can explore. Never break the wall breaker yet. The next thing to do is to look for a red light bulb and a marionette near another grate.
  • After locating the section with a red light bulb, flip the switch to open the grate. You will be able to see a large open room with a fence and a generator behind it with some wires that you can’t reach. Go near the fence, pull the chair and enter. Upon entering, you will see black bricks. Break it by using the control mentioned above.
  • Now that the wall is broken and grates opened, return to the beginning and flip the wall breaker mentioned earlier, it will turn off the spark to use safely. Turn the generator on to power the final exit. After flipping the switch on the green exit door, get ready to run.

The chase will lead you to a door covered in colored locks which you do not have keys for. From there, you just made out of the basement. Congratulations!

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