Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania- A Trusted Farm For Organic Food Products and Egg Shells

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Organic food products are highly in demand in the market as more and more consumers are becoming aware of the environment. Conventional industrial farming methods entail the use of fossil fuels and several synthetic chemicals, generally found inside fertilizers and pesticides harming the Earth. The quality of the soil is impacted, and the bio-diversity of the planet is adversely affected. When it comes to food production, a lot of chemicals are sprayed on crops to boost their produce, and these substances find their back to humans. After the pandemic, customers have become aware of the ill effects of harmful chemical substances in the food they consume, so they are now opting for organic food despite them being higher in cost.

Hillandale Farms Pennsylvaniaembracing sustainable farming methods for organic food products and eggshells 

 Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania is a leading name in Spring Grove when it comes to organic food products and eggshells. The team of professionals here is committed to the lands and considers sustainable farming practices to be their core value. The farms deploy new technology and emerging technique to boost the quality of the lives of their chickens, employees, and customers. They often go the extra mile to reduce their impact on the entire environment and ecosystem of the planet.

Caring about their chickens and food products

 In the past, manure in any chicken house would stay there for nearly months at one time. Hillandale Farms is one of the first farming companies to implement a belt system that cleans one-third of their chicken houses daily. They also recycle the manure as a natural fertilizer, which results in better healthy crops. They have designed their chicken houses with more robust fans to optimize the air quality. They also ensure that there are no spill-offs into their water systems on the farm. In a bid to keep its carbon footprint as small as it can, the company maintains its farms close to its customers. It also optimizes solar and winds power for its day-to-day operations.

Water treatment facility 

In 2011, in the month of February, Hillandale Farms had invested about $3.5 million in a particular water treatment plant for handling the water they used for washing eggs in a responsible and intelligent manner. They use a special nitrification and denitrification process for the treatment of this water in such a way that it is purified, filtered, and later returned to the soil in a manner that is environmentally sustainable.

Optimizing solar power 

Besides the above, the farms deploy solar power in several of its facilities, and the staff works in close association to leverage resources with the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund to boost investments and infrastructure of clean energy in the region. They have installed solar panels extensively across their farms to optimize the point of the sun for their farming activities.

Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania also believes in the welfare of all the chickens raised on the land and gives them a vegetarian feed. They also take care of their employees and regularly donate to homeless shelters to help the poor and the needy