How To Choose Cataract Surgeons Near Me?

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Cataract Surgeons


Being diagnosed with cataracts is not the end of the world. You would still be able to manage your life although your vision is declining gradually. It helps to know that removal of the cloudy lens and replacing it with an intra ocular lens will enable you to eliminate cataracts for life. This makes it important to look for one of the committed and experienced cataract surgeons near me. Remember, that you will be treated as a team. Answering the questions truthfully and mentioning the problem area will help the surgeon to make the right decision vis-a-vis cataract surgery that you will have to undergo shortly.

You need to garner information about the following before making the final decision and choosing a surgeon to perform the procedure on your eyes:

What kind of doctors performs cataract surgery?

You will be intrigued to know that only ophthalmologists are trained to perform cataract surgeries. They are medical professionals trained to diagnose and treat a host of eye problems. They are fully equipped to perform the surgery and remove the natural lens that has become cloudy with cataracts. A brand-new artificial lens is inserted in its place so that your vision improves dramatically. Remember that an optician may not hold a medical degree and will not be able to do any sort of surgery. An Optometrist, on the other hand, will be able to examine you and share the diagnosis. Such a eye doctor may be able to treat you but cataract surgery is certainly not their forte. You would have to turn towards an experienced cataract surgeon with the right credentials when your condition demands it.

What should you look for in cataract surgeons near me?

You need to consider multiple factors before deciding on an eye surgeon who is capable for removing cataracts. Some of the things to inquire must include the following:-

Qualification- The concerned doctor should be board certified. Possessing an American Board of Ophthalmology certification is proof of the skills. However, you may prefer to check for past records and shun a surgeon when he/she has a history of malpractice or disciplinary against him/her.

Experience– You do not want to rely on a green horn. Sure, all ophthalmologists have the required skills and training but you need someone who has performed similar surgeries in the past. Finding a surgeon with a good success rate will make you feel better about the procedure ahead. You tend to retain peace of mind as well.

Specialty- Eye surgeons vary in their fields of specialization. Remember that there are thousands of eye ailments that a surgeon can take care of. Find one that specializes in cataract removal procedures. You will be able to get rid of your problem speedily when you ask for a cataract specialist.

The concerned surgeon will ask you to select the IOL that will replace the natural lens. There are multiple types of lens available present and you must make the right choice based on information provided by cataract surgeons near me.