How To Fix A Laptop With Water Damage

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Laptop With Water Damage


Water and other liquids falling on a laptop and drenching it are frequent incidents. This happens in both homes and offices.

Cases of coffee spilling over a laptop in offices and juices falling on the system while working at home are commonplace. Often the embarrassment and worry will force the users to impulsively seek the help of a laptop repair service.

Generally water is the least dangerous liquid unlike alcohol and other liquids that do long-lasting damage.

But water or any liquid will inflict damage to the device only when they sink in and laptop repair at home has to be tried for the situationThe scale of damage varies and all laptop repair services near me may not be sufficient to tackle it if some basic steps are not taken.

Handle with confidence

If water spills over a laptop, panic is not to be the reaction but fixing the laptop via simple steps must be tried without summoning a laptop service technician.

If there are hard effects of water on the laptop and it is appearing complex call up laptop repair experts to figure it out and suggest a solution. 

The first step is to shut down 

The first step to the water damage is shutting down the laptop after removing all power sources attached. Press the power button and make sure the laptop is shut down.

Remove the battery, external hardware such as a mouse, charger, USB, and memory card. Some laptops will not allow users to remove the battery.

But battery removal is better to avoid short circuits in the laptop. Wipe out all the liquid on the surface to ensure no excess liquid drips inside the laptop.

Place a towel on the flat surface and open the laptop and keep the face down at the towel to liberate water rather than sinking deeper. But the area where the device is evaporating must be warm.  

Keep laptop upside

Keep the laptop in the same upside-down position for 3 hours without any disturbance. Wipe away the liquid on the keyboard before restoring in the normal direction.  

Save circuitry

Before handling the device’s internals make sure that the feet are firm on the ground so that no static electricity from the body hurts the circuitry.

Follow the company manual in unscrewing the laptop, and read the instructions before calling in the hardware guy from the laptop repair service.

If detaching the internal components is tough get a professional laptop repair expert to do it. If there is difficulty in removing the internals, pat the dry cloth or ear buds to clean the small components. After the complete drying of hardware, reassemble parts, and clean up any greasy content dripping from the laptop. Normally the whole process takes at least 24 hours……………………………….