Know How To Sell Your Second-Hand Bike In India

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Second-Hand Bike


There are a lot of folks who enjoy trading in their motorcycles for brand-new ones. Used bikes are easy to get rid of these days, thanks to internet-savvy customers and dealers. We present just a few tips that would assist you in selling your motorcycles at a reasonable price. Bike enthusiasts always want to get the most recent models, but to do so, they have to get rid of their older bikes.

It is now simple to sell second hand bikes, and purchasers can be reached through a variety of online marketplaces. One could quickly place their two-wheeler up for sale by only placing an advertisement for the sale of a bike along with images and providing a short description of the bikes.

However, to get a good price, the bike needs to be in good condition both inside and out.

Try to find someone who is interested

To begin the process of selling your bikes, the first thing you need to do is locate a potential purchaser who is not only able but also eager to purchase the bikes at the asking price. After that, you have the option of making contact with a potential buyer on your own or employing the services of a broker, dealer, or any other type of independent mediator to assist you in finding a buyer. If you wish to sell second hand bike quickly and have a short period, the second option is the one you should go with.

Gather up all of the previous records of service

Maintaining all of the service records for the motorcycle increases the likelihood that you will obtain the highest possible price for it when you sell a second hand bikeĀ  The record of maintenance records provides the buyer with the peace of mind that he is putting his money into a bike which has been very carefully maintained and is much more dependable than others on the market. If your bike has been involved in a few minor accidents in the past, it is not necessary to bring this up in front of the buyer as long as there are no outstanding repairs that need to be done on the bike.

Taking care of mechanical problems

This process could very well be the single most critical one in terms of guaranteeing the buyer’s safety as well as the safety of the bike itself. An authorized and experienced professional mechanic is required to perform a thorough inspection and check-up on the motorcycle before it is offered for sale. In addition to cleaning components such as the engine air filter as well as engine oil, other aspects of the vehicle, such as the alignment of the tires, the tension of the chains, the brake fluid, and indeed the lubrication control cables, among other things, need to be properly inspected.


After you’ve settled on a cost for the motorcycle, the next step is to determine where you’re going to offer it for sale to potential buyers. There are a large number of periodicals and websites, as well as local papers as well as the neighborhood mechanics or garages, that host classified advertisements of this kind. You might also want to think about posting a notice on the bulletin board of the local bike shop, along with a photograph of the bikes and a phone number at which you can be reached.


Whenever you sell a second hand bike online, it is extremely vital to let the buyer be aware of any damage to the bike, especially if the damage is significant. It is preferable to provide the customer the impression that you are being honest instead of having the defects discovered later by a mechanic, which would turn the sale into a fraudulent scheme.