Printer refusing to connect to wi-fi? Here’s what to do

connect to wi-fi


Printers are a useful tool in each business. You can also have plenty of personal needs that a printer canfulfil. It is a great piece of technology, and we know all of you would agree. But we are quite sure that many of you keep having issues with your printer. Wi-fi printers are quite notorious for the challenges that they throw up, and most of them can be wifi related.

Many times, you will see that the printer is not connecting to the wifi. In other cases, the printer shows that it is connected but the network doesn’t, or at other times, they just won’t print! So, what to do when some of these challenges come up?

Here’s what we think you can do to connect your printer to the wi-fi.

Reboot the device

As cliché as this solution may sound, this is one of the easiest and hassle-free ways to get your wifi printer back on track. While this may do the trick, sometimes printers can also say that the device is busy, and therefore not let you shut itself down. When this happens, you can simply unplug the device from the socket, and plug it back inside.However, keep in mind that it is not a permanent solution, and there’s a likely chance that you may see it once again in the future.

Ideally, this should do it for you and your stubborn wifi printer. But if you think it is still not working, here are some more methods for you.

Bring the printer closer to the wifi router

Bringing devices closer to the router means that the internet connection on the devices gets better. However, you should remember that this issue isn’t solely because your wifi isn’t working well. Furthermore, you will probably notice that all your other devices are working just as fine. Many printers also come equipped with quite sub-par wifi chips, which means that you need a super strong signal at all times to get the best out of your machine. Regardless of what the cause is, our suggestion is you can try to move the printer closer to the wifi router.

Remove the device and add it back again on Windows

You could also go into your Windows device settings and change things up from there. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Open the Settings app on Windows
  2. Go to Devices and click on Printers and Scanners
  3. Now, find your printer from the list that pops up, and remove it
  4. Next, click on Add a printer or Scanner and your wifi printer here once again.

This may help you to get things up and running again.

Get a new broadband connection

Many times, your broadband connection might just not be up to the mark. Thinking ‘what is my internet speed?’ We suggest getting an internet speed check done, so that you are sure about your broadband speeds.

If your speed test comes unsatisfactory, you can go ahead and look for wifi internet connection near me. We think you should try out Airtel’s Xstream broadband. It has all the features, plans and benefits that you could ever ask for.