Safety Tips and Precautions to Use Aluminum Ladders and Other Types of Ladders

Safety Tips and Precautions to Use Aluminum Ladders and Other Types of Ladders


Ladders are very useful, but the truth is that it is something that causes a lot of accidents every year. In Washington State itself, every year sees at least 900 workers suffer from ladder injuries. That is why it is very crucial to make sure that one follows all the safety tips and precautions for aluminum ladders and other types of ladders. Here is a list of things to do to keep safe at all times.

Safety Tips and Precautions to Use Aluminum Ladders and Other Types of Ladders

Feeling the rungs beforehand

Before using a ladder, a basic safety tip to always follow is to feel the rungs and check to see if they are strong enough. If they don’t feel strong, chances are very high that they are not.  Whether it is the home or the workplace, doing this each and every time one needs to step on a ladder is crucial.

Checking the feet

This is again very important. Keeping the feet of the ladder in check is crucial. If the feet is worn, accidents can happen easily and therefore checking it all the time is the best thing to do. If there is any visible damage, replacing the feet as soon as possible is necessary.

The weather

Paying attention to the weather before scheduling a job that requires one to get on a ladder is a necessity. One may assume that a little breeze hurt no one, but that is not true in case of ladder safety. A little breeze can cause an accident to a person on a ladder. Just to finish a job, one should never compromise with safety.

All the parts in perfect condition

A ladder works only when all of its parts are in good working condition. Not even one of them is disposable and therefore care needs to be taken to check whether all the parts are working fine. Even if one part if missing or in need of repair, the safety of a ladder will be compromised. So getting it repaired and only then using it again is the best way to go forward.

No abrupt motions

It is very important to control one’s body and motions while on a ladder. Even the strongest of ladders will not be able to take the shock of abrupt motions and therefore being slow in movement is a good idea. Putting too much weight over one side can also cause problems. Any job that involves a ladder should be done carefully and by taking time to prevent any injuries or accidents.

About fatigue and alcohol

Being fatigued is certainly not the right time to use a ladder. If one is tired and in need of rest or one is having trouble keeping the feet on the ladder, then refusing to do the job is crucial for safety. The same goes for alcohol. Being inebriated is certainly the worst time one can choose to use a ladder.

Aluminum ladders are a great choice but the above safety tips should be followed every step of the way.

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