Selecting the Right Employee Recognition Ideas for Implementing Programs for Employees

Selecting the Right Employee Recognition Ideas for Implementing Programs for Employees


Many of the companies are providing the events or programs for the welfare and wellness of employees. Different employee recognition programs are held where the employees can enjoy themselves. The recognition plays a crucial part in fierce competition for attracting and retaining the employees. The organizations operate for finding the top talent. The professional of HR began the tactics of advance marketing for attracting the talent at top to persuade them in taking the offer of the job. When top talent is recognized and they are working hard for productivity of the business. This is the time where programs of employee recognitions coms in the light. You can arrange this programs or events with the help of some ideas. Let’s discuss about the ideas for implementing the programs.

What are the ideas for implementing the employee recognition events?

The implementing of programs of employee recognition is based on various factors like the number of employees you employ, your budget, your company values, and your company culture type. You can implement these programs based on the wants and requirements of the employee.

Private recognition ideas:

Handwritten note – Write a note with your hand saying thank you and paste it on your employee’s desk.

Hidden praise – Around the work area of your employees, hide the appreciation notes.

Send a video – Saying the message of thank you in the video send the employee this video as an appreciation.

Meeting of thank you – Don’t discuss any other problem with your employee just call them to office to give thank you message.

Delivery to home – Send some flowers bouquet and chocolates as the appreciation to the employees as home delivery.

Monetary and other tangible awards:

Bonus – Giving a bonus acts as the best appreciation from peers in the programs of employee recognition.

Raise – You can raise the salary of the employee to display some appreciation.

Tickets for exclusive event – If there is an event which your employee love to attend, buy the tickets for that event and give them to your employee to make them happy.

Luxury vacation – In some exciting destination, book a luxury vacation for your employee.

Provide educational opportunities – You can just give tickets to your employees regarding external certification, training, or another opportunity of education.

Public ideas of recognition:

Offer kudos – As an appreciation token, give kudos to your employees. You can also digitize and automate this system with the software of employee recognition like HR cloud.

Email saying congrats – Praise and send your employees a congratulatory message to make their job well.

Shout out on social media – On social media post your employees photo and brag about their accomplishments. You shouldn’t forget to tag them.

Surprise celebration of appreciation – You can arrange a party with many surprises for your top performers and also involve some favourite tunes, cake, confetti.

Newsletter – In your organization’s newsletter, feature your employee stories of success and appreciate them.

Run a press release – Share the employee’s success story with your local press. When it is published in the newspaper, make it framed and offer as the gift to your employees.

Thus, these are some of the best employee recognition ideas to implement in programs of employee recognition.