Why the people of Singapore keep waiting for the Singapore Sweep Results to come out?

people of Singapore keep waiting for the Singapore Sweep Results to come out


Playing lottery games are one of the major forms of public entertainment for the people of Singapore. The options in this regard are really extensive and from that list, the Singapore Swwwp happens to be one of the oldest and the most popular playing option that has been entertaining the mass for decades. Singapore Sweep Results are made available on the website of the provider and players keep on waiting for these results to be published. Offering the ultimate entertainment and excitement and lucrative potential for earning money, these games have  every reason to enjoy such massive fame.

people of Singapore keep waiting for the Singapore Sweep Results to come out

A look over the history of Singapore Sweeps

Alternatively known as Singapore Pools Big Sweeps, this series was  launched in the year 1969 with the objective to gather the necessary funds for the construction of one of the national stadium in the country. During those times, the  entry fee for these games was a dollar and the value of the 1st prize was around 400,000 Dollars. It took this series the minimum time to grow popular, and today, it is one of the most sought-after lottery games in Singapore with millions of people participating in these  games, each time a draw is made.

The picture in contemporary Times

The Singapore Sweeps has gone a significant distance, ever since its inception. This raffle-style game is a monthly series with the draws taking place on the 1st Wednesday of every month.  Presently, players need to pay 3 dollars for a ticket to this game and on an average, around 3.5 million tickets are sold each month. Once the draw is completed, the Singapore Sweep Results are displayed on the website of the provider and archived there for future references. This series has never looked beyond ,ever since its inception and today, is one of the major names in the domain of national lotteries in Singapore.

A guide to play the Singapore Sweeps game

Being a raffle-style game, it is easy to play these lottery games and this is one of the key reasons that you can account beyond the massive popularity of these games. If you would like to participate in these games, you should visit the authorised ticket counters in person for buying the tickets. Please make a note that, as of now, tickets are not sold online. You should have attained the minimum age of 21 years for participating in these games.

Both local and international citizens can participate in these games, however, for foreign nationals, you need to be present at Singapore for buying the tickets. You should keep a note that the prize money you win will attract income tax and other taxes as per prevailing rates. You must retain the physical copy of the tickets for claiming the prizes.

These games fetch a lucrative chance to make a good deal of money and the providers offer multiple tier reward system that  ensures that you will not leave empty handed.  Try  these games once ,and if it is your day, your financial status will change drastically.

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