Why there should be awareness for the Domestic Violence Act 2005?

there should be awareness for the Domestic Violence Act 2005


Violence can be a part of a broken marriage, and this violence can be one of the major key points in a divorce case. When either of the spouses has been physically abusive in the marriage relationship, the marriage can be legally divorced based on that ground. The Domestic Violence Act of 2005 has made a great impact on this realm of divorce legislation. Violence is a vicious part of human nature and violence in a marriage is something that should never creep up.

there should be awareness for the Domestic Violence Act 2005

Chandigarh has been famous for a lot of divorce cases, and there has also been a lot of violence acts in the place. In case you are suffering from a broken marriage, and there is violence involved in the situation then for best results you can avail the services of the divorce lawyers in Chandigarh. They will be able to help you get the divorce filed and run through on the basis of the Domestic Violence Act of 2005.

The extent of this bit of law has been elucidated in plenty of decisions by the High Courts and the Supreme Court in India. Section 2(a) of the Domestic Violence Act characterizes wronged individual as any lady who seems to be or has been, in a domestic relationship with the respondent and who affirms to have been exposed to any demonstration of abusive behavior at home by the respondent. The Domestic Violence Act not just covers those women who are or have been involved with the abuser yet it likewise covers those ladies who have lived respectively in a mutual family unit and are connected by affiliation, marriage or through a relationship in the idea of marriage or reception.

Reasons for Awareness of the Domestic Violence Act 2005

There are a number of reasons as to why people should be aware of the Domestic Violence Act of 2005. It helps women and children in a number of ways and keeps men from exploiting the fact that they are physically stronger in most cases. It keeps the situations from getting out of hand and handles things in a more peaceful manner. Here is the reason why there should be aware of the Domestic Violence Act of 2005.

1) Safeguarding Women – The awareness has a prime motive of safeguarding women and all those who are affected by domestic violence in the country. By safeguarding women, they can enhance the empowerment of women in society.

2) Keeping Children Away From Violence – Children are a big part of the impact of domestic violence. They have a huge mental impact, and this can have an adverse effect on their life in the later years.

3) To Prevent the Male Supremacy in Marriage – The male supremacy is cut down with the awareness of this act, and this is how people are made equal in a marriage. Both men and women can have equal rights through this factor.

4) Psychological Impact on the Couple – Through awareness, there will be lesser or no domestic violence, and as a result, there will be no psychological impact on the couple. This is another factor of benefit.

5) To Prevent Domination – The domination of any form is not acceptable, and with laws like the Domestic Violence Act 2005 there can be a reduction of domination in a marriage.

6) Educates People about Illegality of Domestic Violence –It helps to educate people about the illegality of domestic violence, and they can then take steps against it. They will not have to keep quiet and suffer.

These are the various reasons as to why the awareness of the Domestic Violence Act 2005 should be there. This helps the weaker spouse in the marriage or the dominated person to have a breath of hope and freedom. They will be able to get out of a bad marriage and know what is legally wrong.

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