A Detailed Guide About Horse Saddles for Beginners

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Horse Saddles


As a novice to horse riding, there’s so much to learn about your new hobby. Since riding is often, you must be comfortable and the horse too. A horse saddle is a seat-like structure that supports a rider fastened on an animal’s back.

It provides comfort and security to riding partners.

Parts of a Saddle

Now that you fund a new hobby, it’s important to understand the necessities, like a lightweight turnout rug for the best experience. When shopping for a saddle, it’s good to know what you’re buying. Here are the different parts that make a saddle.

  • Pommel – Front side
  • Cantle – Rear side
  • Seat – The middle of a saddle where you sit

Horse Saddle Types

Saddles make animals and the rider comfortable during a ride. You don’t have to use saddles all the time, but it’s necessary to boost the core strength of a horse. Where you live will determine the kind of saddles you get between the English, Western, or Australian. At Weatherbeeta Fly Rug, you purchase different horse rug varieties to protect your horse anytime. However, avoid riding bareback for long periods. Here are the different types of saddles.

English Saddles

English saddles are popular in the United Kingdom. They’re mainly used for competition and are the most popular riding style globally. Once you’re introduced to horse riding in the UK, you go through the equestrian competition all the way to the Olympics.

Unlike other saddles, English saddles appear flatter, lightweight, and closer to the horse. The seats have many attached self-padding flaps and don’t have a horn. An English horse saddle comes in many varieties, designs, and purposes. The flaps differ in length, angle, and height of the cantle depending on the intended purpose. These are the most common types of English saddles.

  • General purpose – Otherwise known as Verry Slightly Dressage (VSD), a term of German origin, refers to an English saddle that allows a ride to change discipline by adjusting the stirrup length. Longer stirrups mean you’re participating in flat work, and short stirrups for jumping.
  • Dressage saddle – Mainly used for dancing. With a deep seat, high pommel, cantle, and long straight flaps, dressage saddles keep the legs closer to the horse to help direct each move. They also have large knee rolls that support the longer lower legs.
  • Jumping saddle – It has a flat seat and is ideal for riders who love the adrenaline rush.
  • Side saddle – Differs from the rest in design as it has two pommels to allow a woman to ride with her legs on one side.
  • Racing saddle – It’s mainly characterized by a mandatory weight limit that riders must adhere to. The saddle is made from leather and has a flat seat.
  • Endurance saddle – A comfortable, wide, padded seat designed for riders to sit for long periods.
  • Polo saddle – It’s similar to the dressage saddle and is used in polo.
  • Showing saddle – The saddle is used for horse shows in Australia and the UK. They’re mainly to show horses, but not in a competitive contest.

Western Saddle

It’s named after its origin, USA. They’re heavier than English saddles yet more comfortable for the rider to use for extended periods. The seat is flatter, with a horn at the front for riders to hold, and is mainly used in ranches.

Stock Saddle

It evolved from the English saddle and is similar to the dressage saddle but bigger. The comfortable design allows riders to sit for long hours. They have no horns, and riders can make sudden turns as it is stable.

The Bottom Line

Saddles are an addition geared to bring comfort to the rider and horse. Choose a saddle that fits the occasion depending on the purpose or task. The western and stock saddles are ideal for novice riders.