Boost Your Routine with Time Saving Applications on Android

Boost Your Routine with Time Saving Applications on Android


If you want to be successful in your life then you have to make sure that you are using your time in the best way. Maybe you think that you have so much of time but you don’t really have. There are so many activities that eat up your time like anything and that too without your knowledge.

You know what it is time that you keep a check on your activities and actions and find out where you spend maximum of your time. You have to priorities your activities on the basis of your time. Moreover, once you are managing your time in a good way, you would find more productivity and less stress.


images, memos, Notes, checklists; you name the thing and this application will not only store it, but make it easily accessible through search using optical character recognition (OCR).   You know what there is no need to write down different things at different places for reminders or otherwise. This application does it all for you. Once you have told your story to this app, it would help you every day. The app would keep you informed about everything you want to know about.

Rescue Time

In case you are one of those who waste their time on internet doing this or that then this application has to be installed in your device. You know this app would make sure that you know where exactly your time is going away. Indeed, you would know about how you spent time and where.  Moreover, the websites you are spending the most time would also be known to you. In this way you can curtail and modify things for you to ensure that you don’t waste any time.


Many of you have amazing command over English language right? But you would admit that sometimes when you are in a hurry, have so much stress and amidst meetings and you have to write down an urgent mail, you end up making stupid and foolish mistakes. You write wrong English, re-write the words and so on. These things look really shabby and unprofessional. But don’t you worry once you have Grammarly; you would find the best experience and utmost ease. This would work and run in the background and ensure that you never leave any note or mail unchecked or un-proofed read. In died, the way you had to rectify and modify your content in the past, in the presence of Grammarly, all these things would get eliminated. Whether you are a student, a professional, a writer or anyone; if you write, no matter how nominal or huge, you need to snatch this application.


So, you should think of these applications to boost your routine in the right direction. You can do 9app Apk download and install this third party play store to get all these applications free of cost. After all, when these applications can save you time and keep you updated about where your time is going; you can mend your ways timely and for better.

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