When is the Right Time to Replace an Old Window Treatment?

When is the Right Time to Replace an Old Window Treatment


Window treatments like curtains, shades, and blinds may look simple at first glance but they are functional when it comes to insulation and privacy. Aside from that, window treatments are also responsible for creating an interesting interplay of shadow and light in any room.

As a homeowner, you have to ensure that your window treatments perform optimally and appear gracefully. This is possible if you know the right time to replace it. Keep in mind that replacing your old window treatment can significantly improve your experience.

So, when is the right time to replace an old window treatment? You should carefully watch out for the following signs:

When it is more than seven years old

You must know that even window treatments have a lifespan. Their average lifespan is seven years. If your window treatments are more than seven years and it shows signs of wear and tear, it is high time to replace it.

When you have a drafty old window

If you have a drafty old window, it can significantly affect your energy consumption. If you ask the experts, they will recommend replacing the entire window but if you have no budget for that, you can rely on window treatments.

Window treatments can help contain the warmth during the winter and cold during the summer – if installed correctly. You can start by using at least 2 layers of curtains or install blinds sydney on the window casing. In the end, a new window treatment will help you save on energy bills and enhance décor.

When the slats do not close snugly

If you notice that the slats do not close snugly like how they used to, it is a sign that you need to replace your window treatment. This can potentially let out air conditioning during the summer or rob heat during the winter.

If the slats do not close right, it could be a problem with the tilt mechanism. While you can have this repaired, it can be difficult because it entails the re-cording of the whole blinds. With this, it is easier and more practical to replace it.

When you have kids and pets around

If you have window blinds with cords, children and pets might play with it causing strangulation. As with anything, your priority should be safety. To protect your kids and your pets, you can upgrade to cordless window blinds.

When you operate it with force

Window treatments are supposed to be easy to operate. If you end up operating it with force, it could indicate serious issues – either the lifting mechanism is damaged or it cannot adequately support the load.

If you notice that you cannot lift or raise it easily, you should think about replacing it. If you forcefully operate the blinds, it could fall out of the window harming you or the people around including your kids and your pets.

When you need privacy

You should evaluate your current blinds and determine if they meet your needs. If you need more privacy and it does not give you that, there is no point in having it around. The goal here is to find something that will serve your needs.

Final words

The key to a new window treatment is the correct installation. While you can install window treatments on your own, it is still recommended to seek the help of professionals. Professionals will give you a quotation so you can compare them and make an informed decision.

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