Choosing a Commercial Electricity Supplier

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Choosing a Commercial Electricity Supplier


How would you compare electricity prices in Singapore? Your first step will most likely be to check the websites of all major competitors to collect individual bids that you can then compare. In other words, you are limiting your comparison to monetary figures only, probably ignoring other factors such as the blocking period. Are you ready to enter into a contract with the seller if he offers you a lower price during the period of frequent power outages?

What is power outage period?

The quoted electricity tariff is locked for the blocking period, which means there will be little room for tariff revisions in the event that the market price of electricity falls below the established tariff. A high blocking rate can mean a long-term benefit over price; but it can also become a burden when energy prices fall.

What is the ideal power outage period?

If you want the best electricity rates in Singapore, you will need to choose the rate and blocking period that best suits your needs, which depend a lot on factors such as daily use. Instead of doing these calculations yourself, you can greatly benefit from an experienced electrical consultant who will do all the work for you for free.

How much does an energy consultant charge for their services? 

Energy consultant services are free of charge for energy consumers. Energy suppliers pay a commission to the consultant. So all the hard work of the consultant is free to you and you can take full advantage of the best electricity rates in Singapore.

What is the role of an energy consultant?

Energy consultant is an independent professional. Your job is to meet the needs of the consumer at the lowest agreed supplier rate. Once the consultant understands your energy needs, they will go to work to find the best option for you. When the market is not regulated, energy suppliers must compete for consumers; The consultant will take advantage of this competition for you and find a supplier who is committed to negotiating the best Singapore electricity rate for your needs.

What help can a consultant provide?

Comparing prices is not just about comparing residential electricity price plan. As a consumer, you are looking for the best electricity rates in Singapore. You are the source of income for health care providers; therefore, they will be willing to serve you if they can recognize a profit. The consultant is working to offer you the biggest discount. He does this by interweaving his own needs with those of other customers in order to negotiate a better deal from the supplier. The more a supplier can sell the more discounts he is willing to offer. Because of this, mixing your needs with those of other consumers will show a greater need for energy, which creates a big discount for you as a consumer.