Choosing the Correct Base fora Pearl Ring

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Choosing the Correct Base fora Pearl Ring


Today there are innumerable options available for the creation of jewellery like gold, silver, titanium etc. Thus when the time comes to select a base for a pearl ringto be made, the many different options available with PearlsOnlytend to be quite confusing. Thus it is always better to research a little and understand the pros and cons of the most common metals used as jewellery bases. These popular metals include:


This is a very appropriate choice especially when there are budget constrains in place. It has a beautiful silvery look and is soft enough to be easily carved and moulded into a variety of rings. But being soft also means that it suffers damage very easily. Silver when made into an alloy by mixing with other metals helps increase the durability but care should be taken to ensure that the purity of the metal is not heavily compromised. Another disadvantage of silver is that it tends to react with certain types of climatic conditions and thus gets tarnished easily. While a ring base made of silver needs regular care, the affordability of silver makes it a popular option.


A very popular and much loved precious metal, gold might be costly but it is still the numero uno choice for most people. Setting a pearl in a gold ring makes for a very beautiful combination because the natural beauty of gold helps to enhance that of the pearl embedded in it. Gold also does not react with climatic conditions and hence does not tarnish. But pure gold cannot be used to make jewellery and it needs to be infused with some amount of impurity to make it strong and malleable.


This is the hardest naturally occurring element found on the Earth. Its whitish silver colour is the perfect match for setting a pearl into a ring. It is also lightweight and can be easily carved into ornaments. This is also a very durable metal and along with its lustre it can also be used in its pure form but titanium is also extremely costly as seen in the displayed ornaments at

The base of any ring needs to be decided based on the budgetary limitations as well as the looks it imparts to it. Hence the choice needs to be carefully made so that one gets value for money.

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