Joseph Cianciotto – Why Is Email Marketing Popular for Business Owners?

Joseph Cianciotto – Why Is Email Marketing Popular for Business Owners?


Entrepreneurs are always looking for inexpensive ways to promote their brand products to their targeted audience. Most of them are not keen on opting for traditional marketing channels as they are very costly. This is why experts suggest that these businessmen should use a suitable email marketing platform to achieve their objectives. Taking such a step also helps them to strengthen the relationship they maintain with their customers. The professionals further explain that email marketing is similar to direct mail. The only difference is the promotional messages for the business are sent to the inbox of the recipient.

Joseph Cianciotto – Why should entrepreneurs use email marketing to promote their brand products?

New York is a city which can boast many advertisement executives. Nevertheless, only a few of them can claim to reach the same level of success as Joseph Cianciotto. He is a visual communication graduate from the University of Carnegie Mellon with valuable years of experience under his belt. He specializes in fields such as digital strategy, social media marketing, content, CRM, and art direction. This advertising professional has the distinction of holding important positions in agencies like Translation, D’Arcy Worldwide, and DDB NY. These include the posts of Vice-President, Chief Digital Officer, Content Architect, and Executive Creative Director. In recognition of his contribution to the world of advertisement, he has won several awards.

Joseph Cianciotto says online marketing has undergone a sea- change in recent decades. Thanks to the advances in technology, entrepreneurs can choose a wide range of channels to promote their brand products. Social media platforms are prevalent for advertising today; however, email marketing continues to be the most sought-after platform for advertising for businessmen. Email marketing is popular primarily for the following reasons-

  1. Instant Feedback

With email marketing, entrepreneurs can instantly determine the success or failure of their promotional campaigns. Businesses just need to analyze the metrics of the mobile software application they are using to get the necessary information. In doing so, they also get an insight into how their customers respond to their promotional messages. The proprietors then get to know which of their products/services are in high demand among their targeted audience.

  1. Entrepreneurs can launch a promotional campaign within minutes

Email marketing allows entrepreneurs to launch their promotional campaigns within minutes. For this, the business owner does not need any special technical skill or knowledge. Businesses just need to know how to import relevant contacts, design a suitable template, and test it. Once the above task is over, they can send promotional messages to their customers.

  1. Boost in sales

Entrepreneurs want to see a significant increase in their sales revenue after the launch of a successful promotional campaign. If this is not the case, then all their efforts are in vain. Fortunately, this does not happen when business owners use email marketing. This marketing channel ensures they get adequate returns on their investment.

Joseph Cianciotto says email marketing allows entrepreneurs to send their promotional messages across to their targeted audience without any hassle. The business owners can instantly determine the success of their campaign by the way customers respond to their promotional messages. Only then do they witness a significant increase in sales and revenue!

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