Hate To Wear Those Boring Face Masks? Here Are Some Printed Face Mask Ideas

Hate To Wear Those Boring Face Masks


Facemasks have become one of the essential items in the current pandemic situation. It is essential to protect oneself from the deadly virus. But it doesn’t have to be boring surgical ones? Why not get one’s creative juices flowing and check out these cool Printed Face Mask ideas!

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It is important to wash all the fabrics before one begins with the procedure and wash it again before using it. One can use quilting weight cotton for both the layers to make a basic filtration. One can also sew in cotton flannel material to increase the filtration but is not good for small kids as it will be difficult for them to breath.

Bandana Style mask:

One will need a bandana or a scarf, two elastic rubber bands or hair ties, a coffee filter/paper towel or a kitchen roll. Fold the bandana and observe the amount of light that passes through it by holding it up to the light. Lesser one can see, better is the mask. Ensure that the material is not too thin. For best ones, use 100 per cent cotton fabric. According to the CDC, it is better to fold the bandana in twice and folding it again. Add the filter material and place the rubber bands or the hair ties. Keep folding till you reach the middle and tuck in the ends into each other.

T-shirt face mask:

One will require a T-shirt, scissors and coffee filter/paper towel. Cut the bottom off the T-shirt. Measure the length from the top of one’s nose to the underneath of one’s chin. This should be around seventeen to twenty centimetres in height. Cut into your T-shirt piece around 6 to 7 inches to make the ties for the face mask. Cut the ties so that the user can tie them around the head. Adjust the mask till it fits snugly against the nose and chin. Add the coffee paper or the paper towel and secure it with a safety pin.

Face mask without using a sewing machine:

One will need a cotton fabric that is 10 to 11 inches in diameter, two 6-inch long elastic or rubber bands, a circular plate, needle and thread, scissors and pins. Place the material on a flat surface and iron it. Put the plate on it and draw the circle. Cut it out and fold it twice. One will get four curved triangles. Cut the sides of the triangles. Place the shape face up and another one face down.

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Pin them together. Stitch along the curved edges of the fabric. Make sure that there are no gaps between the stitches except a small gap in one end. Pull the material through the gap carefully and stitch up the small gap. Insert the ties and tie up the elastic and you are good to go. Grab the best Maine Face Masks available online as well and get rid of the boring ones as soon as you wish.;;l