Everything you need to know about HWPL

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Everything you need to know about HWPL


The Association stands for “Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light”. Man Lee Hee founded it at the beginning of 2013, and the aim it wishes to achieve is peace all over the world and no wars. HWPL has been actively working with heads of various states, religious leaders and administrators, youth, education services to get to their vision.

How is HWPL working to create world peace?

Chaos is easy to get, but peace is hard to achieve. Despite the hard work that it takes the Association has been working hard since 2013 to make world peace. The ten essential initiatives that it took to get here are:

  1. To prevent the use of any force or any form of threat.
  2. To develop or work towards forming friendly relations between nations to avoid any chances of war.
  3. To preserve peace, it aims to prevent any form of interferences with boundaries of the state. Any planning, or preparation of a country to interfere with other state borders won’t be tolerated.
  4. It advises states to reduce the production of any form of weapons and number of a standing army to achieve trust among its neighbours. This money can be used for the benefits of the country instead.
  5. Any dispute between any countries will be settled by the Association itself peacefully. This prevents the chances of any form of war.
  6. States are given the right to act for their self-defence if they feel any other country or state shows any discomfort or aggression.
  7. People are given a power that doesn’t allow states to divide themselves that violates any international law.
  8. The Association also provides everyone with the freedom of religion. Any person in any country can practice any religion based on their choices.
  9. It teaches us how to live in harmony with other states.
  10. It also tries to promote peace as a culture that should be adopted by the masses, and this way, their goal will be fulfilled.

What difference did the association make?

HWPL has made much difference and added a lot to the contribution to world peace. It has started many camps across the world. Some of the examples mentioned on their site are The Burundi peace education camp, Ivory Coast and Mali peace camps and a lot more.

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Sum up

The Association has worked hard to achieve world peace and has made a lot of difference in doing so. Any contributions to achieve absolute harmony and peace are a step towards a better tomorrow.