How Long Does a Table Saw Last

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How Long Does a Table Saw Last


When you’re a woodworker and working with a table saw, you can get dado and precision cuts from this handy tool. You can also have a variety of options while choosing a good quality table saw. Each piece of equipment won’t be suitable for your requirements.

Some table saws are made for professionals, and some are made for beginners. Now, the question is how you can identify that a table saw lasts for longer. For using a table saw for years, you need to find select one of the best saws for you.

If you’re an occasional woodworker, you need to choose the best table saw for beginners. Only purchasing the right table saw won’t be enough for you. You have to know how to maintain a table saw. With regular care and maintenance, your table saw will give you long-lasting services.

How Long Does a Table Saw Last?

If you have a good quality table saw, you can expect that your saw lasts for more than 10 years. It’s possible if you maintain it properly. Here, we’re going to talk about some necessary steps that you should follow to have a long-lasting table saw.

Ensure Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance is a must when you have a table saw. If you don’t take care of it, it may become more dangerous to use. Keeping your saw maintained properly also enhances the longevity of its parts and provides you with direct results.

Check the Saw Alignment Every Time

You have to check the alignment every time before starting your job. It’s because misalignment leads to bad cuts, kickbacks, and other dangers. It may reduce the longevity of your table saw.

Clean and Lube the Guts

When you’re working with your table saw for a long time, your saw may have sawdust and debris into it. You need to remove them and lube them for smooth cuts. Try silicon-free dry lubricants. If you use wet oil, it can easily collect debris and sawdust.

Polish the Table Top and Outfeed

You have to make sure that your table saw is well polished and smooth. You shouldn’t put food and drinks on the tabletop. Debris can make the surface sticky in places and make it dangerous to use. It can also ruin your projects. If you have a scratch or a large amount of rust, it will take a little more elbow grease.

Replace Parts if Necessary

You may replace some saw accessories as your requirements or when they will go bad. If you hear a noise or feel a vibration, turn the saw off immediately. You may be able to diagnose even more difficult problems and take care of it yourself. If you can’t do that, get help from professionals. You will also know a lot, questioning on online forums.


If you want your saw to provide you with long-time services, you have to make sure that you develop the right maintenance schedule. Your schedule must include aligning the saw and cleaning and lubing the operating mechanics. You should keep work surfaces good and check different parts frequently. The more you maintain it properly, the more it lasts you.