How To Select The Best Saddle Pads For Your House

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Horses are fast and strong; some have been part of the most monumental moments in history. But most people do not care about these incredible creatures’ welfare. It is essential also to consider their needs. Sometimes, when riding a horse, it is common to see the back of the horse sweating beneath the saddle. A horse discharges a lot of heat as a result of rigorous movement. Eventually, you will need to consider the horse’s welfare. Besides, a lot of pressure is exacted on the vital part of the horse, the spine. Inorder to address this issue, it is essential to use the ideal saddles for horses to make your horse comfortable.

A well-fitted horse saddle pad is essential to protect your horse and saddle. Besides comfort, a good saddle pad allows heat flow and provides optimal shock absorption. However, you must consider various factors when selecting the best saddle for your horse. Here are the tips for choosing the best saddle pads to meet your horse’s needs.

Obtain The Right Material

In the market, you will find a variety of saddle pads. The most common choices include cotton and fleece due to their wicking features. Fleece pads are either made from genuine wool, sheepskin, or artificial. Wool pads and sheepskin require special care and maintenance. Foam and gel are usually applied inside the pad to improve comfort and cushion shock. Remember that if your saddle fits perfectly, you will lack enough space to utilize a thick pad without changing how the saddle is placed on your horse. In the quest to select the best saddle pads for the horse, consider the added comfort and protection provided by a lightweight horse blanket.

Obtain The Right Size

You must ensure the saddle pad you pick is the right fit for your saddle. Pads are usually made for a vast selection of saddle styles. The dressage saddle pads are well-crafted to aid in communication with the horse and to improve the rider’s position. The dressage saddle has a broader flap and lengthened cut, while close contact pads have a smaller length and a forward cut. Multi-purpose pads have the two styles but contract a bit regarding the size.

Obtain The Right Style

There are three common saddle paddle styles: shaped, half, and square. Square pads are used for performing dressage in shows, whereas shaped pads are used in hunters or jumper shows. Half pads are often used in all disciplines and can be used coupled or separately with the square or shaped pad. Whether you have eventing shows, dressage, hunter, or jumper, you can use an English half pad from a reliable supplier to provide excellent back protection for your horse.

Understand The Curvatures Of The Horse

The main reason why you acquire saddles is to protect the horse’s backside. Therefore, matching the horse’s underside contours and backside curvatures is vital. This guarantees you won’t exert pressure on the spine or withers. Some pads are specially made for high-withered and mutton-withered horses. For this reason, before choosing the saddle pad that’s best for your horse, you need to take its contour into account.

Bottom Line

You should pay attention to the importance of a saddle pad, especially if you are a horse rider. Besides your comfort and stability, it is vital to consider the welfare of your horse. Consider the horse’s needs to prevent irritation and guarantee maximum comfort.