Patrick Dwyer Merrill Lynch Miami – Football and Cardiovascular Health Benefits

Patrick Dwyer Merrill Lynch Miami – Football and Cardiovascular Health Benefits


The Miami Hurricanes is a strong name to reckon within the United States. This football team dates back to 1926, and it is famous across the world. It has fans both young and old who always keep track of their latest news and playing events.

Patrick Dwyer Merrill Lynch Miami – An ardent fan of football and its health benefits

Patrick Dwyer is the International Private Wealth Advisor and the Managing Director of Merrill Lynch Wealth Management- an esteemed firm in Miami, USA. Besides being a successful professional in the country, he is passionate about Miami football. He says that football is not only a thrilling game, but it also contributes to good cardiovascular health. He says that when it comes to cardiovascular health, most people ignore their bodies. Others are too lazy or do not have the time to work out in the gym. Those who join the gym might find the workouts to be boring, and they become disinterested very soon.

Start getting into good health with football

Patrick Dwyer Merrill Lynch Miami states that if working out in the gym is boring or one does not have the time for it, playing a sport can be not only thrilling but beneficial as well. Football is one such sport that is entertaining and fun. Moreover, with all that running around with your team-mates, you will be doing your health and heart favor for life.

He says that many young people are falling prey to heart attacks and strokes early in life. The prime reason being they do not exercise. Think about the lifestyle today and see how it is affecting the health of both adults and children. Most of the time, people work at desks in front of a computer. Children are exposed to technology from a very young age, and they hardly go out to play. This is deadly for everyone as a lack of exercise causes life-threatening diseases like diabetes, heart ailments, and in rare cases, heart attacks that result in death!

Playing football is simple

He emphasizes that football is a simple sport and all you need is a ball and some playmates. There is no age to play football if you wish to improve your cardiovascular health. He says that start playing slowly by kicking the ball to your opponent in case you are not fit enough to run around the field in the beginning. You should gradually pick up the pace and start to run before you see tremendous developments in both your physical and mental stamina.

Patrick Dwyer Merrill Lynch Miami says that football is thrilling and it rejuvenates you. Parents should make their kids get up from smartphones and computers to encourage them to start playing football too. With regular sport, kids will shed extra kilos and learn to stay fit and strong. This goes a long way in making them healthy today and in the long run with success. Not only do they become physically fit, but they develop good team management skills that will later help them in their careers!

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