Shoot-A-Way and Dr. Dish: Which one Should You Opt For While Purchasing A Basketball Shooting Machine?

Basketball Shooting Machine



The Steph Curry’s and Ray Allen’s of the basketball world are not born as great shooters, they are developed into them. If you look closely at their shooting skills, you will see that there has been years of hard work and relentless practice behind the making of such superstars. They shoot flawlessly and are always on top of their game due to consistency, determiniation and repeated basketball training and shooting drills. Suppose you want to become a legend like Kobe’ The Mamba’ Bryant or Kevin Durant, whose shooting prowess has mesmerized you over the years. In that case, you also need to utalize a facility basketball machine or a home basketball rebounder.

There is tough competition in the US for the numero uno position of the home basketball machines or the facility basketball machines. Although the Dr. Dish basketball shooting machine has done some solid PR campaigns, most coaches and NBA pros prefer the Shoot-A-Way Guns for their tremendous versatility and state-of-the-art technology.

If you find it highly challenging to decide on which basketball machine you should bring home or get installed in your facility, it is essential to study each type of basketball machine’s pros, cons, and key features. Although the Dr. Dish shooting machine price is entirely within your reach, they are manufactured in China. Hence, the price drop comes associated with flimsy body parts and questions over their durability. It is natural to get flustered over the flurry of basketball machines available online, and hence you must do some thorough personal research before you invest in one.

How Will A Facility Basketball Machine Come To Your Aid While Practicing The Best Basketball Shooting Drills?

Every sport has been taking help from technology and integrating technological advancements to gain maximum leverage. Basketball is no exception. The way you used to practice shooting and other drills have taken a big turn. These days, amateur or pro ballers are not using their walls, chairs, or other props to practice their shots and basketball drills. Instead, they heavily rely on facility basketball machines or home basketball rebounders to fine-tune their skills.

But how did this change take place? Why have basketball machine companies like Shoot-A-Way and Dr. Dish taken over the market? Let’s do a brief rundown on some of the brilliant upsides that only facility basketball machines can offer you.

  • Basketball shooting machines and rebounders like the Shoot-A-Way Gun 12k are manufactured with the idea of providing you with the best possible partner for practicing your shots. You can rigorously practice with the help of a basketball shooting machine and keep on pushing your limits to become a better shooter on glass.
  • Since most basketball shooting machines and basketball rebounders are programmable, you can program them to practice and master various drills to get up more shots thanregular shooting drills. These challenging drills enable you to develop finesse in your shooting form, muscle memory and thereby elevate your confidence in your shooting style.
  • One of the most significant upsides of practicing with the help of a facility basketball rebounder like the Shoot-A-Way Gun is that you get to activate your flow and tap into your muscle memory while you are in a game-like situation. In an actual game situation, you will not have time to decide your shot rather you wikll rely on muscle memory. You need to let your muscle memory take charge. While a facility basketball machine helps you catch and shoot basketball relentlessly, it also develops muscle memory impeccably.

Shoot-A-Way and Dr. Dish- Which One Should You Opt For?

Although both Dr. Dish machines and the Shoot-A-Way Guns are highly rated in the professional basketball shooting circles, we need to do a comparative study to understand which basketball machine will be ideal for your development into a great baller.

Several coaches and mentors in schools, facilities, and universities give the Shoot-A-Way Gun variants an upper hand when it comes to choosing the best device fora basketball shooting machine. Let’s look at why.

1.  State-of-the-art technology:

The Shoot-A-Way Guns first came into practice in the year 1997. Since then, constant innovation and disruptive research have created the best basketball shooting machines that are almost indispensable in modern basketball practice. These technologies have enabled the Shoot-A-Way Gun 6000,8000, 10k, and 12k to become the ideal choice for practicing the best basketball shooting drills.

  • According to your preference, the Guns have an automatic rebounder technology that feeds the ball at any court position.
  • With the multi-select pass location from the Shoot-A-Way Guns, you can cover every inch of your court.
  • The Gun 6000 fires 1800 shots per hour, and therefore, you can practice efficiently and put in maximum effort.
  • The Gun 8000 uses pre-programmable settings that will enable you to practice innovatively and do target shooting, pull-back shooting, transition fades, and much more!
  • With the Gun 10k, you can always stay on top of your game. The customizable player app delivers real-time shooting data and analytics results to your integrated smartphone and mobile devices. This helps you to monitor your previous performance with The Gun and try better improve
  • The Gun 12k is the latest and the industry leading basketball shooting machine. It features every other technological advancement of its predecessors and has more that gives it an unassailable lead in the market.

While the Dr. Dish machines are good, they are nowhere near the technology advancements used by The Gun. They offer touchpad integration with your smartphones and enable you to practice basic shooting drills.

2.  Warranties:

The Shoot-A-Way Gun variants come with a 5-year manufacturer warranty on the products and a single-year warranty on the nets. However, if you keep your Guns out in the middle of rain, sleet, hail, or snow, they might get badly damaged, and the warranties won’t cover it. Thus it would be best if you kept them covered or inside a structure.

The Dr. Dish basketball shooting machine models like the CT, All-Star, etc., come with a single-year warranty on the product. These are also not waterproof or stormproof.

3.  Innovative models:

The Guns have a single, roll-away body that supports ease in assembly, disassembly, storage, and transport. They have an adjustable height, so you can practically roll them through any door dimension.

The Dr. Dish is an app-controlled and power-driven shooting machine with a 180-degree rotary capacity. However, with the Shoot-A-Way Guns, you can do much more, like presetting your preferences and using the sturdy yet transparent netting to collect every made and missed shot effectively and redistribute them at various court positions.

Final Thoughts:

It is time that you bought a Shoot-A-Way Gun for your home or facility since it comes with so many advantages. Becoming a legend on the court will be a seamless affair with the Gun 12k by your side!

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