Using Reusable Tote Bags for Business Sends a Positive Message to Customers

Using Reusable Tote Bags for Business Sends a Positive Message to Customers


Ever since plastic usage has been banned reusable items are quite in demand. Single-use plastic items cannot be recycled and decomposed. Thus, they end up in landfill. One plastic bag takes 1000 years to decompose, thus imagine those thousands of bags piling up in garbage junkyard.

Propylene or poor quality plastic items end up in land or water. Once aquatic animals swallow it, it gets stuck in their throat since it doesn’t get digested. This blocks their food pipe and therefore they die. Needless to say, how these have made our earth ugly. All seaside, beaches are dumped with trash which we leave there, after picnic. All these get carried away with waves back into the sea, thereby polluting water.

While manufacturing of plastic items, chemical fumes are emitted from factories. These fumes are hazardous which pollute environment. They affect our lungs because of which many people suffer with breathing problem or allergy. Therefore, it is imperative to stop using plastic products which cannot be recycled and start using eco-friendly items

The biggest threat to environment is plastic bags which are given out in stores to carry items. Instead of using those cheap quality plastic bags, it is better to go for reusable bags. There are many brands that provide custom eco bag to their customers. This way they not only promote their brands by printing their logo on it, but also bring awareness among people of saving nature. It also leaves a positive impact on customers on how caring this company is towards saving nature and environment.

Custom Earth promo is an environmentally friendly company that manufactures reusable bags, bottles, jotters, pens, lanyards, straws, customized seed paper, etc. Since 2009, the company’s main motive is to bring awareness among people about saving environment. Every product is made with lot of care and the printing or customization is done with natural products like soy and vegetables. The advantage of dealing with CEP is that they don’t involve middlemen, but deal directly with customers. This saves money of both parties.

Here are some advantages of using reusable tote bags for business –

  • Customers are impressed by those brands who work towards environmental and social activities. This means switching to reusable tote bags helps in bringing customers even if you’re product is slight expensive.
  • Tote bags can be customized in whichever form the company wants. There are cheap and best ways of printing logos on it, it not only saves money, but enhances and motivates customers about your brand.
  • Incorporating such changes makes employees proud for working for a company that cares about society and environment, this helps in less attrition.
  • After building a reputation among customers, they eventually spread good notes about your company. This helps in gaining employees in future.
  • Manufacturing eco-friendly bags, help in reducing usage of hazardous chemicals and pesticides that harm natural environment. Instead cotton or organic material that is grown without chemicals and pesticides become a healthier option.
  • You may be using affordable tote bags which are durable but not attractive, but it is better than plastic bags which are one-time use. Thus, instead of landing in water or landfill, its reuse helps in less manufacture of plastic bags.

Reusable tote bags are durable and are not only for one purpose that is buying groceries or vegetables. They can be used for carrying items to school, colleges, offices, picnics, traveling, etc. with various options, and there is no reason for a customer to reject your biodegradable tote bag.