What Are Some Of The Benefits Of Using IQOS Iluma?

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IQOS Iluma


If you are wondering what the differences and benefits are between the new IQOS Iluma series, which includes Iluma and Iluma prime, and the conventional IQOS product, this article should help. Or you can simply visit our site sticks.sale for more information.

Then you have arrived at the correct location.

Today, we are going to go over some of the major advantages of iqos Iluma.

The Flavor Is Not Overpowering.

When I use Iluma, I have the impression that it is utterly delightful. Even though the Iluma series does not come with heated blades, the Smart Core Induction System feature nevertheless makes it possible to have the inside components heated.

There Is No Need To Clean It.

The IQOS Iluma series does not come equipped with any heated blades. The special TEREA SMARTCORE Heat Sticks tobacco stick incorporates both the heating sheet and the filter, so not only are the tobacco leaves concealed, but they are also heated. In other words, there is no need for cleaning because there are no carbon deposits or difficulties with smoke liquid seepage.

The Taste Has Not Changed In Any Way.

After giving it a few goes, I’ve concluded that the Iluma series has a more satisfying flavor than the original IQOS.

For instance, if it comes with heat blades, dirt may accumulate on the blades, which will result in a very unpleasant flavor. As the main body of Iluma, the intelligent core induction system of the Aluma holder is responsible for completing the external heating, and the metal sheet contained within the TEREA SMARTCORE heat stick is responsible for completing the internal heating. As a result, the flavor will not deteriorate as a result of continued use.

Included In The Package Is An Automated Heating Feature

When the tobacco stick has been properly inserted into an IQOS Iluma series device, the heating process will begin on its own.

You may manually start the heating process by pushing a button, but the automatic heating feature makes it possible for you to use iQOS in a stress-free and seamless manner without having to touch any buttons at all.

Double-Click To See How Many Puffs Are Still Available

This particular characteristic caught me off guard. The holder of the IQOS Iluma series will vibrate and let you know how many puffs are left if you double-click the button while you are smoking. This is a feature that the original IQOS was unable to incorporate due to technical limitations.

For instance, if you are smoking and doing other work at the same time, you may take the Iluma series from your desk, hold it in your hand, and “double-tap” to see if you are allowed to continue smoking. I believe that the Iluma is a genuinely stress-free HNB device, especially when combined with its auto-heat option.

 Holder Cap

The possessor of an IQOS device from the Iluma series does not understand the idea of a cap because of the qualities described above. In the past, users of IQOS were required to first remove the cap before they could remove the stick, and then they had to remove the stick from the blade.

The Iluma, on the other hand, does not have any blades, auto-heat feature, or double-click function; therefore the holder is nothing more than a stick. The holder is integral to both the cover and the body of the object. In addition, the holder for the Iluma series has identical requirements for both “Iluma” and “Iluma Prime” and may be repurposed for both of these products.

 The Durability Is Improved, And The Number Of Failures Is Cut Down.

You won’t be able to know till it’s been used for at least a year and a half… On the other hand, it appears that the rate of failure is significantly reduced in comparison to the standard “IQOS 3 Duo” and “IQOS 3 Multi.”

By a wide margin, “broken blades” and smoke oil seeping into the body of the IQOS device are the most prevalent causes of malfunction, resulting in damage to both the motherboard and the battery. The IQOS Iluma series does not have any issues about this matter whatsoever.