What are the main elements of floral designing?

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What are the main elements of floral designing?


Floral designing is a very interesting profession in which a designer used different flowers to create pleasant and wonderful designs. They arranged the flowers with such creative ideas that make the area look beautiful. In floral designing, not only the flowers but other plant elements are also used to generate a pleasant design. These arrangements of flowers are done for different occasions like Birthday parties, wedding, funerals, Valentine’s Day, any religious event, etc. Many online florist websites are facilitating their clients by delivering the flowers, bouquets or floral designers for different events online. They entertain their clients by proving their best services along with fulfilling all the requirement of them. All those people who are associated with this floral designing profession must read about cheap florist delivery singapore on the internet. They will find the ideas to deliver flowers at minimum costs. Florists play different roles for different occasions. They are the most important part of our society. They are the one who arranges the wide choices of floral designs by using all the seasonal flowers. They added a flavour to all kind of events that people get attracted to the area. These are the one who shows us the beautifulness of nature and helps us to meet with its beauty. They do a lot for making any event’s pictures more beautiful. They also maintained their catalogue by clicking the pictures of their work that’s make it easier for new clients to show their ideas. They not only work to design indoor areas while also have a good experience for decorating outdoor areas.

Sometimes people place their wedding venue in open areas. They design the area and arrange the flowers and other plants elements to decorate with wreaths, banquets, vases and other central pieces. Floral designing have some basic elements without considering them no one can do an effective decoration work. These are the physical features of material used in decoration. A good floral designer is always aware of these properties and they successfully used them in their projects. Hence, the primary elements for floral designing are:

  1. Colour: It is the most important element of floral designing. These days many parties have different themes based on which florist used flowers and other plant elements for area decoration. Colours used in the decoration effects a lot to the eyes of visitors. Always remember to choose only those colours that provide freshness instead of looking inflammatory.
  2. Form: Floral designers used flowers in different forms for decoration like a circle, triangle, square and other shapes.
  3. Fragrance: It affects a lot to the party atmosphere.
  4. Size
  5. Texture and
  6. Size