Your Universal City TX AC Repair Guide

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Your Universal City TX AC Repair Guide


While a lot of areas in the United States are still getting hit with snow, we all know that spring is just around the corner. It means that in a few months, it will be time to turn your cooling system on. Do not get stuck without a cooling system on spring or summer days. This air conditioner repair guide helps people navigate AC repair without any problems and stress-free.

AC repair troubleshooting

Whenever homeowners experience performance issues with their ACs, whether it is not producing enough cold air or is not turning on, troubleshooting needs to be every homeowner’s first step. Some troubleshooting may be a simple way to solve the problem, getting the property cool faster without calling an AC restoration professional or company. Run through these troubleshooting steps before calling an air conditioner professional.

How does air conditioner work? Check out this site for more details.

Check the thermostat’s settings

Thermostats should be set to cool settings, and the temp set a few degrees lower compared to the property’s current temp to initiate the cooling cycle. Make sure that the vacation or hold setting has not accidentally been initiated to stop the AC’s operation. 

Check the power

Make sure that the thermostat and the cooling unit have power. Replace the thermostat’s batteries if needed. Make sure that the power switch of the air handler and the power switch to the outdoor component has not been switched off. Check the property’s electrical panel to make sure that circuit breakers supplying the power to the cooling system are not tripped or that the fuse is in excellent shape.

Check the air filter

Filters that have become clogged with dirt, grime, and other contaminants can restrict airflow and prevent cold air from circulating into the property. It can also cause the system’s coil to freeze up, slowing down the unit’s performance. If the filter is dirty, clean it or replace it with a new one, depending on the manufacturer’s directions.

Check out for more info about air filters. 

The cost of AC repair

An AC restoration or servicing costs differ, depending on the problem of the system. The cost of cooling system restoration is usually stressful for a lot of homeowners, especially when it is an unexpected and sudden expense. The average repair costs property owners more or less $300.

Repair contractors or technician usually charge service call fees, covering the necessary diagnostics to know what is wrong with the cooling system. Costs for a service call usually range from $50 to $300, depending on the area you are living in. It may be more if the homeowner needs emergency restoration services.

Finding an AC repair firm

It’s easy to do a quick web search on how to repair your AC, and while some troubleshooting guides are easy enough to do, it’s still best to call a professional for AC repairs. Restorations must be done this way to make sure that the job is done the right way, as well as protect the warranty coverage of the unit. To find the best service provider, people can turn to sources for trusted recommendations:

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Condition contractor directories

AC contractors of America

Family members trusted friends, neighbors, and co-workers living near your area

Restoration service calls

To prepare homeowners for their ACrestoration, servicing, or maintenance service call, they need to ensure that their house is accessible for the technician. If the exterior unit is behind their gated fence, make sure that the fence is not locked for the professional to enter.

The professional or company will most likely need to evaluate the handler, usually located with the furnace in the basement, utility closet, or garage of the house. When the technician arrives, they discuss the problem the homeowner is facing with their system. The professional inspects the unit and its parts to make the right diagnosis. Sometimes, it is impossible to perform maintenance or repair on the same day. Some parts may need to be picked up or ordered from specific suppliers. In this case, a future date can be made as soon as possible to get the unit restored.