Orthopedic diseases and Stem cell help

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orthopedic diseases


Freedom of movement without limits is the basic life factor for everyone – orthopedic diseases prevent many people from the widest range of activities and healthy lifestyle.

The power of Stem cells treatment is the choice of people from the whole world which places top priority on natural and gradual effects with unbelievable results.

Vitality clinic high level medical assistance

Medical and Research Center Vitality is one of the largest medical and research centers of cell technology in Ukraine and Eastern Europe, where stem cells are studied and actively used.

We are part of ADONIS Medical Group of Companies with more than 23 years of experience and 14 years of Stem cells research.

In the area of Orthopedics, Vitality provides the well-developed Stem cell treatment Program with individual approach to each case.

Vitality Stem cell treatment Program in Orthopedics include the following: 

  • Personal consultations with Vitality best experienced specialist in the area of innovative Stem cell therapy
  • Individually adapted examination plan for the greatest effects and results
  • 20+ patient’s exams included on the basis of Vitality own laboratory with the latest equipment
  • Personalized treatment plan according to patient diagnosis, request and wish for your highest safety
  • Properly selected Stem cell dose and qualitative source for the treatment process (up to 30 mln of Stem cells form the Vitality own certificated bank of cord blood and Stem cells)
  • Medical follow up for 1 year after the Stem cell therapy to control patient’s health improvements, for consultation or additional help
  • 24/7 informational support
  • Personal coordination throughout the whole process of Stem cell treatment
  • Translation, transfer and accommodation help (on request)

We in Vitality believe that only the highest quality treatment together with qualification of the medical staff and all-round care – are the main aspects which lead to the best results and health state.

Vitality Medical and Research Center is the place of worldwide level medicine and technological innovations.

Orthopedic diseases and disorders and Vitality Stem cell therapy

The state of Orthopedic related factors can influence the whole body of the person, that’s why Vitality clinic provides the innovative Stem cell therapy aimed to help people feel the freedom of movement.

Stem cells launch the regenerative and revitalizing processes in the organisms of the people. This is our own natural mechanism needed to repair damaged or destroyed tissues.

To the main indications of use Stem cell therapy in case of Orthopedic problems can be included the following: 

  • Arthrosis and postoperative conditions of the joints
  • Chronic and acute damages of articular cartilage
  • Aseptic necrosis, Koenig’s disease
  • Chronic tendon inflammation
  • Stagnant bones fractures and false joints
  • Chronic pain around the joints
  • Rough postoperative and post-traumatic scars

With the help of qualitative Stem cell treatment in Vitality, we can reach the best results according to the initial condition. Only the highest qualification and the best technological basis ensured in Medical and Research Center Vitality.

In the case of Orthopedic related diseases, Vitality Stem cell therapy is the way to a healthy and happy future. Choose the best fitting Stem cell Program for you, take an advantage from personal consultation and begin the new healthy story of your life!

Before using the Stem cell therapy Procedure, be sure to consult with your personal doctor to exclude individual contraindications and specificities.