Overview to Hot Air Ballooning in Luxor

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Hot Air Ballooning in Luxor


If you’re considering hot air ballooning in Luxor, this is your overview!

I’ve been staying in Egypt given that 2016 so I recognize the in’s as well as out’s of this nation as well as I’m certain I can aid you take advantage of your hot air balloon experience in Luxor Container List Experience: Hot Air Ballooning in luxor excursions I will certainly talk a little bit concerning whether you must also do the balloon trip, exactly how as well as when to publication, the costs along with what to bring and also what to get out of this experience.

As well as, obviously, I will certainly share great deals of spectacular photos of my hot air balloon flight in Luxor!

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Is the hot air balloon luxor Egypt worth it?

INDEED, YES and also YES!!!!

Chrissi pleased!I’ve been to 58 nations as well as have actually experienced a few of the coolest points you might think of, from skydiving to diving to volcano climbing as well as whatnot. I’m normally an adrenaline addict as well as windsurfing e.g. tires me, yet this was simply WOW!!! It’s an incredibly peaceful unbelievably calm the air. The balloon is essentially drifting, you do not really feel a point, and also it’s so quiet. The elevation relies on the wind, so occasionally you fly so reduced over the sugarcane areas that you can practically touch them, and also various other times you fly high over all the various other balloons.

If the wind is right, you also fly over the Valley of the Kings! It’s truthfully so fantastic, you actually can not miss this!

Traveling right over the tombs of Luxor. Toreador Network rated Luxor the second-best area to go hot air ballooning worldwide!

Is the Hot Air Ballooning in Luxor risk-free?

You’ve listened to regarding the balloon accident in Luxor years earlier and also currently you’re concerned whether the balloon flight is also risk-free?! I get itObtain In international nations, specifically not a lot established ones as Egypt, the concern of safety and security needs to show up. There’s no refuting, there have actually been a handful of mishaps over the last years. Ever since, the Egyptian federal government has actually raised their precaution exceptionally. They can not manage individuals hesitating of among their most well-known visitor destinations. Simply ending up being a pilot takes several years of researching currently as well as there is no factor you need to really feel much more worried to go hot air ballooning below than in any other nation. Civil Aviation Observer Mahmoud Zain additionally stated that the balloons are inspected daily by certified designers and also instructors to guarantee your safety and security.

The “hot air balloon airport terminal”

Simply strolling or driving around Cairo, for instance, would certainly be a lot more unsafe if you consider your possibilities of obtaining injured in web traffic vs. throughout a balloon flight. My friend was horribly scared prior to we went and also she virtually terminated. Also when she was currently in the basket, she was drinking as well as thinking of leaping out once again. After that the balloon gradually rose and also it was such a relaxed and also enchanting experience that all her concern was gone simply like that.