What Do You Do When You Find “The One”?

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According to Henri Bergson, “To exist is to change, to change is to mature, and to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly”. Change is the law of life, and while everything changes, one thing never does: Love. Since the dawn of time, love has existed. Yet, it has promised to remain the same until the end of time.

Indeed, True love exists. The three words “I love you” mark a new phase of every relationship. Do you wish to know the next step to take once you find your significant other? If so, you have nothing to worry about. This article is written to provide an insight into what to do whenever you find “the one”. Now, let’s dive in!

How to react when you find your significant other

Finding true love is truly amazing. You might wish to know how to react when your partner tells you “I love you”. Uttering those three words implies that the person has a strong feeling for you. Responding the right way is essential once you find the right person. Some tips are discussed as follows:

Reflect on how you feel about the person

You must determine if you truly love your partner, if you just enjoy spending time with them, or if you can actually visualize a future with them. Once you figure out you truly love them, you can start thinking of reciprocating those feelings to them. They need to be assured that you feel the same way about them. Once a level of security is established, then you can start thinking of how to move forward from there.

Respect boundaries

To ensure that a fantasy bond is not formed, you must see each other as autonomous individuals. Of course, couples often tend to take on certain roles. You may be tempted to tell them what to do. However, once you respect boundaries, you will avoid treating them as an extension of yourself. Instead, you see them as separate people, with certain unique characteristics.

Try to create a truly loving relationship

Everyone wants to feel loved. You must ensure that you back your words with actions. It takes considerable effort to build a good relationship. However, it is possible to achieve this. Finding “the one” is special and you must challenge every defense that could limit intimacy. It is believed that when you give and receive love, all elements of negativity are eliminated. How about surprising your significant other with truly amazing gifts. For lovers who are truly in love and are thinking of tying the knots, getting a Diamond ring is a perfect way to celebrate the engagement party. Diamond engagement rings and wedding bands are available in Toronto at Kimberfire.com.

Furthermore, you must also ensure that you differentiate from all past experiences that don’t serve you in the present. Differentiate and restrict all destructive attitudes that you might have cultivated earlier in your life. Besides this, work on all undesirable traits that you might possess. Find ways to make contact and remain affectionate to them. You can also break routine, try something new and keep an open mind to what your partner might suggest.

Communication is key in all relationships – never forget that! You cannot expect your partner to read your mind. This eliminates situations that can result in passive-aggressive ways of relating with one another.


The importance of finding the right person to build your life with cannot be ignored. When you do, having the right response is essential. All your actions must be directed towards making your relationship with “the one” stand the test of time.