Richard Radcliff Trice – Fun Things to Do in Alabama During Your Vacation

Alabama During Your Vacation


Alabama is a state in the USA that has a rich Southern history and charismatic culture. It is known for its celebrities like Channing Tatum, Mia Hamm, Rosa Parks, Lionel Richie, Robin Roberts, Jesse Owens, and others. When you are in Alabama, you can visit the white sand beaches and explore natural terrains, state parks, and golf courses. The best part of the State is you can do many things with your children as well. There are several activities you can do together and will never feel bored.

Richard Radcliff Trice – Must-see attractions when you are visiting Alabama

Richard Radcliff Trice is a popular author of children’s books in Alabama. He loves this State, and he says that if you visit the USA, you should never skip this region as it has several must-see attractions that you should never miss. When you are looking for things to do, you will never feel bored.

There are a famous space center and museums you can visit with your loved ones. Besides the above, some of the things you can do here are –

  • Birmingham Civil Rights Tour- You can learn about the struggle for civil rights here
  • Take a cruise along the Alabama Gulf with friends and family
  • Discover nature with a wildlife boat ride
  • Visit the USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park
  • Go for an adventure walk with games at Birmingham
  • Take a ghost walk in Birmingham and visit Churches and Hotels
  • Take your family for a fishing charter
  • Go for a rappelling adventure with friends
  • Take a food tour around Alabama and discover its amazing recipes and cuisines
  • Take a boat ride across Lake Martin
  • Go for a kayak ride and see dolphins and other fish
  • Visit the Alabama Music Hall and Muscle Shoals Sound Studio
  • Explore the history of old Alabama towns.

Discover Alabama and carry lovely home memories

Alabama played a central role in the civil rights movement and struggled in 1960. It has diverse landscapes, and you can see many tall majestic mountains, gentle plains, and hills here. Many tourists are not aware of these hidden treasures of the State, and so they do not come here often. Those who do know about the rich history and culture of the State never fail to visit the region. You can see inspiring examples of antebellum architecture, rugged canyons, green river valleys, and more. If you love food, the state treats you a range of delicious cuisines and traditional barbeque recipes that you will not find in other parts of the USA.

Richard Radcliff Trice says that besides the above, there are several historical sites for you to visit, so contact a good travel agency and plan your vacation with experts who can recommend the best spots for your taste and likings. You can take bus tours and visit iconic attractions and places where significant events had taken place in the past. In short, when you are in Alabama, you will never feel bored, and you can plan your stay with something unique and different every day.