Upcoming Tata Cars in India in 2020-21

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Upcoming Tata Cars in India in 2020-21


It’s no secret that Tata Motors has now established itself as one of the most sophisticated carmakers in the Indian market. In the older days, if you may remember, the carmaker used to be associated with bare-bones diesel economic cars with a recreational feel to it.

However, as soon as the maker introduced the small hatchback Tiago in the Indian market – that too at a very well thought out price bracket – it gained its position as one of the more contemporary manufacturers in the country. Then, it took forward the legacy with the Tigor, followed by the now extremely successful Nexon, and then the Harrier.

Every time, the most valuable factor Tata Motors had on its sleeve was the value itself. All of its products have been very well priced and are loaded with all the latest bells and whistles from their respective segments.

Tata Motors is, of course, looking to expand its line-up in the Indian market with the introduction of a few new models. Here’s what’s coming and when.

1. Tata Gravitas

Familiar with the Tata Harrier? The Gravitas from Tata is a seven-seat version of the Harrier, albeit with longer length – of course, to accommodate an extra row of seating – and a few over the top updates to differentiate both the models. When the Gravitas arrives in the Indian market, which is expected to be somewhere around the first quarter of next year, it would be Tata’s flagship model for the Indian market. Therefore, the Gravitas would be a little bit pricier than its five-seater sibling. However, it is expected to be based on the same platform and also shares its mechanicals with the Harrier. Tata is also expected to debut a new petrol engine with the Gravitas, which would later make its way under the bonnet of the Harrier.

2. Tata Altroz EV

Tata cars stepped into the EV space with the Tigor, which was earlier limited to government officials and then was officially launched for the consumers. However, its true first EV was the Nexon EV, which was launched earlier this year. The Altroz EV, too, is expected to follow the footsteps of the Nexon EV. As a result, it would be mostly based on the ICE-powered Altroz. Although, from what we’ve seen at the Auto Expo earlier this year, it is expected to feature a few aesthetic modifications so as to distinguish itself from its standard sibling. Tata Motors is expected to roll out the Altroz EV early next year.

3. Tata Tigor EV Facelift

As said above, the Tigor EV wasn’t the brand’s true blue EV, as it was not a viable machine, plus it wasn’t based on the brand’s Ziptron electric vehicle technology. Moreover, the Tigor EV was based on the pre-facelift version of the standard model, which already underwent an upgrade a couple of months ago. So, to make it more in line with the latest version and the new electric vehicle technology, Tata Motors is expected to give the Tigor EV a facelift very soon. There’s also rumours that a Tiago EV is in the works. If the rumours are to be true, expect both the new EVs around the middle of next year.

4. Tata HBX

The Tata HBX concept was showcased at the Auto Expo earlier this year. It is based on the H2X Concept, which Tata Motors showcased at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show. Judging by its sizing and proportions, the HBX is a micro SUV that will sit below the Nexon in the maker’s line-up and will be priced slightly higher than the Tiago. Tata Motors is expected to name it as the Hornbill. Moreover, as we’ve already seen in its concept form, the HBX – for when it arrives – is expected to feature some unique design elements and a futuristic look, which, in turn, would set it apart from the usual crop of vehicles from Tata Motors. It is based on the same ALFA platform as the Altroz but it shares some of its designing elements with the bigger Harrier SUV. It is expected to be priced around Rs. 5 lakhs for the base variant and is expected to make its entry into the Indian market by the middle of next year. Also, grab the latest info on the upcoming cars, only at autoX.